One day I will die…

One day I will die. 🖤
My loved ones will cry for a while🥺&move on...
Friends will post my pictures with written touching messages and move on too. ✨✨
Some will pretend telling why everyone loved me.❣️
My partner will cry when memories come up & move on too.🤞💕💕
Insta wp snap inbox will be filled with unread msgs n they too move on. 🤞✨
In short dear, everyone will move on.❣️
The world will not stop it will still shine despite my life chapter is closed forever. ❣️
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.. So enjoy every moment. 🤞✨

So don\'t lose Ur loved ones.🥺
Hold them whatever the consequences maybe.e🤞
Don\'t cry for what You not have .. people literally don\'t care.🤞✨
Stop wasting time on them who didn\'t care & didn\'t even care to ask that u r okay or not.❤️🤞

Please smile and stay tuned for more love quotes in english.❣️❣️

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