Most romantic poem for your partner

Drag me to your alter
Like a sheep ready for slaughter
Lay me flat on the platform
I’m all your experiment to perform.

Breathe down on me you’re passion fire
Fill my every inch with burning desire
Turn all my buttons on, make me high
Let me gasp for breath and sigh
Make me feel like I wanna fly.

Surrender to me your treasure
Let me dig deep and steep with no measure
As my lips meet yours in romantic seizure
Let my chest brush your breast with pleasure
Feel the weight of my muscle, the strength, the pressure.

Feel our tongues
Gasp air out of your lungs
As our teeth knock and clang
I move my hand tenderly on your soft flesh
Ooh girl you are so sweet and fresh!
The heat from between your thighs
Make me to engorge to a big size.

Fill me up with your flesh
Push me beyond my limits
I wanna feel you in me deep
So you’ll know I’m yours to keep
Make me loose myself in the trance
As I moan and grab your back, you got no chance!

Lift me, twist me turn me on my stomach
Push me, roll me, and make me arch my back
Boy you make me feel like on a romantic ark
And in me you leave your watermark.

Baby come with me
If you leave me I don’t know how it’s gonna be
My river is breaking the banks
And my flood will sweep you away.
Sweep me in your storm
Since I’m already under your flame
And I feel like I’m drowning in your wave.
Cum, let’s go to paradise.

Credit – Torrazzo

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